Long-Term Power Outlook

The Nordic Power market is undergoing significant changes. The expected renewable energy growth, increased impact of Eastern Europe, and prospects of new interconnectors strongly affect the future market balance. The decline and uncertainty in the EUA and commodity prices influence the future power prices.

The new analysis from SKM Market Predictor – “Long-Term Power Outlook 2013 Edition” elaborates all the changes in the market and provides insights into the Nordic and Baltic long-term development.

Long-Term Power Outlook focuses on the following topics:
  • Overview of changes and uncertainty in commodity and EUA prices
  • Estimation of increase in renewable investments for each price area
  • Assessment of the nuclear expansion and decommission
  • Impact from neighbouring markets with focus on Russia and Baltics
  • Plans for new interconnector capacity
  • Assessment of different energy policy options for 2030 targets
  • Extension of the coverage period 2013-2045

Long-Term Power Outlook package includes:
  • 33 year fundamental forecast of the Nordic and Baltic power markets for each price area
  • Three different scenarios for the market development
  • Webinar presentation of the summary and main findings in the report
  • Report containing backgrounds, summary of assumptions, and analysis of the results
  • Detailed results with weekly prices for each price area, distribution of different hydrological years and scenario specific energy balances delivered electronically in Excel-sheets

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