Syspower LTPO

SKM Market Predictor is launching a new solution for provision of long-term forecasts through our analytical platform SYSPOWER.

SYSPOWER LTPO is a module in the SYSPOWER WEB platform focusing on the long-term power forecast for the Nordic/Baltic and Central West European electricity markets for the next 40 years ahead. The SYSPOWER LTPO solution is provided as an annual subscription through an advanced WEB interface with dynamic charts, tables, maps and data download functionality.

The SYSPOWER LTPO solution includes
  • Annual report Long-Term Power Outlook with detailed review of the assumptions, elaboration of additional topics and analysis of the model output results for three scenarios
  • Quarterly updates of the Base scenario with belonging analysis
  • All underling data including assumptions, development of national energy balances, price forecasts, and RES capture rates
  • Analysis of the assumptions and results via dynamic charts, tables, and maps
  • Capture rate analysis and forecasts (subject to subscription)
  • Possibility to download all modelling results for subscribing clients
  • Direct communication with SKM analytical team through Messenger functionality

The SYSPOWER LTPO solution generally follows the structure of report and consists of following main parts:

LTPO ASSUMTIONS Main underlying assumptions on the commodity prices, CO2, H2. Fundamental assumptions on demand, supply, power exchange
LTPO PRICES Forecasted development of System, area and prices in the main exchange areas. Comparison with previous update and sensitivity scenarios
LTPO NP BALANCES National power and exchange balances for each NP country. Stochastic area prices for each price area
LTPO CWE BALANCES National power and exchange balances for each CWE country
LTPO CR Calculated historical capture rates for solar, onshore, and offshore wind. Capture rates forecasts for the 40 years forecast available as additional service

Limited trial access to the solution can be provided for new clients to evaluate the functionality. More information on the SYSPOWER LTPO is available in this video

If you have any questions about this product please contact us using contact information in the right column.